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Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry (UPEMI) is the leading Polish industry organisation representing all members of the sector dealing with production of meat and its preparations. Acting in a modern way since 2005, we have proudly represented the interests of our industry by taking important initiative and creating projects supporting its development and ensuring the professionalism and quality of our everyday work.


The primary motivation for UPEMI’s activity is to be the trusted partner and professional voice of the Polish meat industry. This is the reason why, while following the path of delivering better conditions of its operation, we are guided by the attention to the needs of our members and the openness to changes that occur both in the Polish market and internationally.


UPEMI is composed of people and companies boasting extensive experience and showing readiness to take up challenges and accomplish ambitious goals. Since the beginning of our activity we have been creating our own unique manner of supporting and developing the Polish meat industry. To our satisfaction, we have already successfully completed over 40 projects, 5 international campaigns, thousands of fair events, press conferences, seminars, training courses and business meetings. Our activities were carried out not only in Poland and in the European market but also in China, South Korea, Vietnam, the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Kazakhstan and Canada. Believing in a systematic creation of quality and in the importance of management in this area, we created an industry Quality Assurance for Food Products system, which is certified by independent certification bodies supervised by the Polish Centre for Accreditation. Thinking about the future of the industry and developing professional personnel, we have become the leader in organisation of training for pupils and teachers of vocational schools as well as apprenticeships in Poland and abroad.



signing an agreement with the Meat Import Council of America (MICA)

signing an agreement with the Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce (CPCC)


beginning of execution of Erasmus+ projects regarding vocational education and training

commencement of an international campaign in the markets of New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Singapore, South Africa and Taiwan


preparing a development strategy for agricultural and food industry enterprises


beginning an international campaign for the Korean and Vietnamese markets


running a Polish restaurant at the World EXPO Exhibition in Shanghai

signing an agreement with the China Meat Association

beginning cooperation in the field of training projects with industry vocational schools in whole Poland


establishing the QAFP system

signing an agreement with the Great Miami Chamber of Commerce


launching the first international campaign “Table full of flavours”


establishing UPEMI


General Assembly of Members, convened at least once a year,

Management Board composed of between 1 and 5 members, as the body governing the affairs of the organisation,

Audit Committee composed of 3 members, as the body controlling the statutory activity of the organisation.

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