Join the group of over 140 companies, which build the potential of our organisation and create better opportunities for your business. We established a platform more than 10 years ago, which you can join to:

  • exert influence on the legislation;
  • gain access to current industry information;
  • participate in international campaigns;
  • receive support for your ongoing activities and challenges;
  • establish new contacts with producers and distributors in Poland and abroad;
  • exert real influence on the direction of meat industry development in Poland;
  • have an opportunity to cooperate with great people.

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Quality Assurance for Food Products (QAFP) system was prepared in 2009 on the initiative of the Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry, an organisation associating enterprises operating in the meat industry.


The assumptions of the QAFP system were developed by scientists from the leading academic centres in Poland in cooperation with meat industry practitioners and experts.


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